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Friday, January 30, 2015

Local News

Martin S. Indyk to discuss “What’s Next for Israel” at 92Y Live program hosted by Federation

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton will host the 92Y Live program “Ambassador Martin S. Indyk with Roger Cohen: What’s Next for Israel?” on Sunday, February 1, at 10 am, at the Jewish Community Center, 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal. This will be a DVD showing of a program held at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. The cost to attend will be $8 for the general public or $5 for Federation members. The doors will open at 9:30 am. Breakfast refreshments will be served.

Israel News

Interactive food project seeks to create “Jewish UNESCO and Jewish TripAdvisor”

Standing between a display table full of touchscreen tablets and a colorful spread of Israeli cuisine favorites, World Jewish Heritage Organization founder Jack Gottlieb delivers a toast. “Israelis like projects,” he says. “We wanted to create a Jewish UNESCO and Jewish TripAdvisor in a combined application.”

International News

Kippah-wearing Swedish reporter assaulted in Malmo

A Swedish reporter who walked around Malmo while wearing a kippah to test attitudes toward Jews was hit once and cursed at by passers-by before he fled for fear of serious violence.


Book review: Un-romance novels

Is there room for a new literary genre? Two recent novels – Anya Ulinich’s graphic work “Lena Finkle’s Magic Barrel” (Penguin Books) and “Accidents of Marriage” by Randy Susan Meyers (Atria Books) – struck me as belonging to an un-romance category. This is different from anti-romance: the authors aren’t against relationships and/or marriage. It’s just their characters’ experiences made me glad to be single and unattached.


Antisemitism in France: France’s wake-up call

(JTA) – The kosher supermarket was chosen deliberately. Men, women and children were shopping and preparing for Shabbat. Only two days before the attack, terrorists had left 10 of the best-known satirical journalists and cartoonists dead at Charlie Hebdo. Three French police officers were also struck down, one of them a Muslim. Each Islamist terrorist attack targeted a symbol of the French Republic, seeking to bring the country to its knees.

Antisemitism in France: Betting on France

(JTA) – Three weeks ago, my wife and I were shopping in a Parisian kosher butcher store several miles west of the supermarket where four Jews were murdered on January 9. The shop in our neighborhood was well patronized, with lines stretching out to the sidewalk before Shabbat.


During college, I fell in love with a glass engraving featuring the beautiful image of a woman with glamorous wings. Thus began my desire for wings of my own.

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