Issue 38

Friday, September 19, 2014

Israel News

Biblical archaeology sees golden age in Israel, dark age in rest of Middle East

At a time when many archaeological sites and antiquities throughout the Middle East are being looted and destroyed, the City of David Foundation on September 4 hosted its annual conference to enable the general public to experience some of the most important archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem in recent years. A portion of this year’s conference was devoted to the theme “Jerusalem of Gold,” highlighting several never-before-seen golden artifacts.

National News

Seventy years on, a missing private comes home

ARLINGTON, VA (JTA) – The scene at Arlington National Cemetery on September 12 was not quite routine, but nor was it unusual: A clergyman said a prayer, an army NCO handed Bernard Gavrin’s closest living relative a folded U.S. flag, and a volunteer – one of the “Arlington Ladies” who attend to the needs of grieving military families – offered words of comfort.

Gavrin stood out for two reasons: The clergyman, Marvin Bash, was a rabbi, and David Rogers, Gavrin’s nephew receiving the flag, last saw his uncle more than 70 years ago in Brooklyn, NY, when he kissed him goodnight.

International News

Paris Moishe House to open amid uptick in antisemitic attacks in France

Paris will see the opening of its first Moishe House amid a soaring number of antisemitic attacks in France.


Book review: End of summer binge reading – part 1

I just learned a new term. When asking a fellow staff member for help with the title of this article – I had “end of summer,” but was floundering as to the second part – he suggested “binge reading.”

Jewish “Fifth Beatle” figures prominently in new book about band’s first U.S. tour

LOS ANGELES (JTA) – It was 6 am on August 19, 1964, when the phone rang in the Los Angeles apartment of Ivor Davis, the young West Coast correspondent for London’s Daily Express, circulation four million.

On the other end was the paper’s foreign editor, who told Davis to drive to the airport and catch the 11 am flight to San Francisco. His assignment was to cover that evening’s gig at the Cow Palace by a hot British pop group called the Beatles. For Davis and the band, it would be the start of a hysterical 34-day, 24-city tour across the United States and Canada.



A recent conversation on a Facebook page made me ponder the meaning and purpose of forgiveness.


New children’s books: a tale from Spain, easing a young girl’s pain

BOSTON (JTA) – Fourteen years ago, sitting in her synagogue during Saturday morning services, Jacqueline Jules was browsing some Torah commentary when a story about a medieval poet struck an inspirational chord. “It was an ‘aha’ moment. This will be my next writing project, my next children’s book,” recalled Jules, an award-winning children’s writer who at the time was also working as a school librarian.

Rosh Hashanah synagogue services: meaningful or just a marathon?

There are four sounds that the shofar makes on Rosh Hashanah. The tekiah is a basic note of moderate length.

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