Issue 08

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Local News

BD luncheon on March 9: “Connecting to Israel: The Israel Fellows Program at BU and Beyond”

On Saturday, March 9, Beth David’s luncheon speaker series will feature Bar Darchi, the Binghamton University Campus Israel Fellow. An Israeli native, Darchi completed her military service there.

Beth David to distribute Purim gifts

One of the mitzvot of Purim is to deliver gifts to the poor on the day of the holiday, which occurs this year on Thursday, March 21.

TC to hold Women’s Seder on March 24

On Sunday, March 24, at 1 pm, Temple Concord Sisterhood will hold a Women’s Seder in the Kilmer Mansion, 9 Riverside Dr., Binghamton.

Shalach manot service offered through Chabad’s Women’s League

Women’s League for Chabad is currently accepting orders for its annual shalach manot service, which allows Binghamton residents to send packages of food and holiday greetings to local friends and acquaintances on Purim day.


Book Review: Parents, drugs, religion and sibling rivalries

When looking to review the increasing number of books on my pile, I sometimes decide to review two books together. 


In My Own Words: Cults of personality

My political innocence ended with the assassination of Robert Kennedy. 

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