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Friday, December 02, 2016

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Temple Beth-El Ithaca to host Chanukah Festival and Book Fair on Dec. 11

Temple Beth-El of Ithaca will hold its annual Chanukah Festival and Jewish Book Fair on Sunday, December 11, from 9 am-3 pm, in anticipation of the holiday, which will begin this year on Saturday, December 24.

Operation Brotherhood

The Jewish Federation will not organize volunteers for Operation Brotherhood this year.


Book revew: So, you think that’s funny? Two looks at Jewish humor

Ever hear a joke that’s so funny that you can’t stop laughing? It may not even really be that hilarious: it’s just it hits you in exactly the right way at exactly the right time. That’s why it’s almost impossible to fully explain why any particular joke is funny – at least, enough to make someone laugh. If you have to explain it, the humor disappears.


‘Tis the season

It’s sitting near the kitchen table just daring me to order something. I’m speaking of a bakery’s holiday catalogue.

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