Issue 12

Friday, March 20, 2020

Local News

Chesed Challenge brunch cancelled: Chesed Challenge still to take place

Even though the brunch to launch the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton’s Chesed Challenge is not taking place, the Chesed Challenge, a matching gift campaign that will take place from March 29-April 30, is still on. An anonymous donor has pledged to double any new gift, up to $10,000 total, given to the Federation through the end of April. 

Federation alert

A joint statement from the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton and Jewish Family Service

Local organizations announce postponed and cancelled events

Local events are cancelled or postponed.

Chabad to offer shopping for elderly


Creating community through music: an interview of Rebekka Goldsmith

Rebekka Goldsmith is a resident and vocal arts consultant for the Rising Song Institute, where she coaches other residents. The following is an e-mail interview Goldsmith did with Reporter Executive Editor Rabbi Rachel Esserman.

On the Jewish food scene: Thoughts on noodles and potatoes

When I was a child, noodle kugel was the ultimate comfort food.

Book review: Jewish food studies

Wikipedia defines the discipline of food studies as “the critical examination of food and its contexts within science, art, history, society and other fields. It is distinctive from other food-related areas of study such as nutrition, agriculture, gastronomy and culinary arts in that it tends to look beyond the mere consumption, production, and aesthetic appreciation of food, and tries to illuminate food as it relates to a vast number of academic fields.” Jewish food studies give an additional dimension to the discipline by showing how dietary restrictions and the customs that arrive from their practice have changed Jewish religious practice. 


In my own words: Stocking up

When I lived on my own and suffered from colitis attacks, I kept my cupboards stocked with enough food so that, if I had an attack that lasted for several days, I wouldn’t have to worry about going grocery shopping. 

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