Issue 07

Friday, February 14, 2020

Local News

Federation save the dates for spring events

The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton recently announced dates for upcoming events this spring. 

Local and national shalach manot service offered through Chabad’s Women’s League

Women’s League for Chabad is currently accepting orders for its annual shalach manot service in which Binghamton residents can send packages of food and holiday greetings to local friends and acquaintances on Purim day, which will be celebrated this year on Tuesday, March 10.


Book review: Short stories pack powerful punch

I usually prefer novels to short stories. It’s extremely difficult to create interesting characters and an absorbing plot in just a few pages. I often find myself feeling dissatisfied – wanting to know more or wishing the stories had a real beginning and ending. Fortunately, some writers not only manage to meet my expectations, but exceed them. 

On the Jewish food scene: Jewish soups

Google the words “Jewish soup” and recipes for chicken soup pop up. That soup has also been called Jewish penicillin because some people claim it cures the common cold – or, at least, that it makes them feel better. That folk wisdom actually has some basis in fact: scientists have proven that the soup actually has healing qualities. 


In my own words: Jewish Disability Month

When I first moved back to this area and was dealing with my most recent hearing loss, I went to VESID, a New York state agency, which helped me get my hearing aids and my first operator-connected telephone. My counselor suggested that I apply for disability benefits so I could have some income until I was able to work. 

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