Issue 11

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Local News

Community Purim Carnival at JCC on March 24

The Jewish Community Center of Binghamton will host its annual Purim Carnival on Sunday, March 24, from 1-3:30 pm. 

Ithaca Area United Jewish Community to launch Campaign on March 31

The Ithaca Area United Jewish Community will hold its Campaign launch party, “Enriching Jewish Community!,” on Sunday, March 31, from 5-7:30 pm, on the main floor of the Cornell University Biotech Building.


Book Review: Finding a life path

Sometimes a person’s cultural identity is set when they’re very young. 

Celebrating Purim Hamentashen: sweet vs. savory

When I was growing up, there were two kinds of hamentashen fillings: prune or poppy.


In My Own Words: Paying the price, even years later

Almost everyone seems to agree that child abuse is wrong. 

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