Issue 28

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Local News

Temple Beth-El Arts Committee hosts summer Jewish Film Festival July 25 and August 22

The Arts Committee of Temple Beth-El of Ithaca invites the community to its annual Jewish film festival with a series of three films this summer.

Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan to give community performance at the JCC on July 19

The Israel Scouts will perform on Thursday, July 19, at 7 pm, at the Jewish Community Center, 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal. 


Book Review: Comic books and the Holocaust

With so many books about the Holocaust being published each year, it can be difficult to remember that, at one time, discussing the subject in public was almost taboo.


Jewish Family Service Notes: Through an “extra’s” lens

Come along, take a stroll with me, to a hotel in the Catskills of Sullivan County, in its heyday.

In My Own Words: A Nazi in North Carolina

You know that a candidate is problematic when the members of his party actively encourage people to vote for his opponent in the November election. 

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