Issue 20

Friday, May 19, 2017

Local News

Hillel Academy to hold fund-raiser on June 4

Hillel Academy will hold a fund-raiser trivia night on Sunday, June 4, from 4-6 pm, at Temple Israel, 4737 Deerfield Pl., Vestal.

Esserman wins Syracuse Press Club Award

Rabbi Rachel Esserman, executive editor of The Reporter, received first place in the editorial category of the Syracuse Press Club Awards for her column “Opinion or fact.”


Jewish Family Service Notes: If you’re having a bad day...

...Read on and I’ll share my secret for making it better. Be patient, enjoy the journey and sooner or later you’ll understand where I am going with this.

Book review: Refugees before and after the war

Innocent Americans: that’s what Jewish refugees called their U.S. brethren, at least according to two recent novels.


Knowing when to quit

Being able to see two sides of an issue is not always a blessing. For example, I recently saw someone wearing a T-shirt that said, “Cowards never start, the weak never finish, winners never quit.” While I understand and can appreciate that saying, I also see just how wrong it can be.

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