Chabad of Binghamton plans JLI trip to Israel March 15-24, 2020

Chabad of Binghamton announced plans for a trip to Israel, called the “Land and Spirit Israel Experience,” which is being arranged by the Jewish Learning Institute. 
“Joining dozens of communities from across the country, Binghamton’s contingent will experience a VIP and educational experience like no other. From March 15-24, 2020, participants will be treated to a stellar experience that will feed our hearts, minds and souls, creating lifelong and life-changing memories,” said Rivkah Slonim who will lead the Binghamton group along with her husband, Rabbi Aaron Slonim.
“If you have never been before, you can choose no better way to experience Israel for the first time and, if you have been there, even a hundred times before, rest assured that this trip includes unique features you will not find on any other trip!” Slonim continued.
The programming will highlight Israeli education, entertainment, nature and history. There will be receptions with politicians and leaders in a variety of fields. Participants will be able to personalize their experiences by choosing day trips that offer a specific concentration in areas such as archeology, high tech, cuisine and culture, mysticism and more.
The Land and the Spirit Israel Experience will seek to bring Judaism’s history to life as participants will discover the origins of the nation and the “spiritual secrets” of the land’s holy sites. The trip will also focus on Israel today, giving participants an insider’s view of modern day Israel’s “challenges and triumphs.” Finally, the trip will serve as a mission of solidarity and will include a barbecue with Israel Defense Force soldiers and officers.
Registration for the 2020 trip is now open and is expected to sell out well ahead of the trip. Interested parties are encouraged to make a commitment-free reservation as soon as possible.
For complete details, to view the trip itinerary and to register, visit or call the Slonims at 797-0015.