Hello, this is Sima…

By: Sima Auerbach

It’s difficult to believe another film fest is over. What a great group of films! Each film was unique, showing various aspects of life, relationships, determination and goals. Actually, now that I think about it, determination was probably a motif in all these films.
To review: We showed “A Night at the Garden” and “Prosecuting Evil” on May 12, followed on May 19 by “My Polish Honeymoon” and, on May 23, “Capernaum.” On May 30, the film was “City of Joel” and then the final movie was “Shoelaces,” shown on June 2. Even now, I find myself thinking about these different films. I’m hoping the same is true for you.
The Film Fest Committee needs to hear your thoughts about our choices. If you have seen any or will see all of the movies, please complete the form on page 7 of this paper and send it to me and I will share it with the Film Committee. Or, if you prefer, e-mail me at dirjfbc@gmail.com or Shelley Hubal at director@jfgb.org. Let us know which film you enjoyed the most and which you considered the most important to see. Your thoughts, comments and opinions matter!
To all of you who showed up, thank you!