Children of Abraham to host Passover seder for non-Jews on March 3

The Children of Abraham will host a Passover seder for non-Jews on Sunday, March 3, from 2-4 pm, at Temple Concord, 9 Riverside Dr., Binghamton. Members of the Jewish community will be needed to host tables and assist preparation of seder plates and snacks. There is a charge of $10 for those who can afford to pay.
“The Passover seder holds a particular fascination far beyond the Jewish community. Muslims revere Moses as a prophet, the Exodus from Egypt inspired African-Americans in their quest for freedom and justice in America, and many Christians consider the seder to be the setting of the Last Supper of Jesus,” said Eve Berman.
“I was approached on more than one occasion by Christian leaders asking if we could have a seder for them to experience how we as Jews observe Passover and the meaning it has for us as Jews. So we looked at how to offer this for our non-Jewish neighbors,” said Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell.
This seder for non-Jews is being designed as an educational opportunity for the community, to experience Passover in a wholly Jewish context. While Goldman-Wartell of Temple Concord and Rabbi Geoffrey Brown of Temple Israel will lead the seder, the goal is for each table to have a family-like experience. “Anything we can do to share the seder’s symbols, in particular, those on the seder plate and how they relate to the story of the Exodus, will make memorable connections for participants,” added Brown. A member of the Jewish community will serve as table host, helping with the rituals of the seder plate, and sharing their own experiences of Passover.  At the conclusion of the event, each table will share their reflections on the experience.
The menu will include vegetarian matzoh ball soup and macaroons. Grape juice will be used in place of wine to respect the Muslim prohibition on alcohol use and for those who also refrain from alcohol.
Contact Temple Concord at 723-7355, or e-mail if you are interested in assisting at the event. Help is needed to host tables, to prepare the seder plate and matzoh ball soup, and to cleanup.
Non-Jews can sign up for the seder at
See for more information on the event and to sign up to volunteer.