In My Own Words: A Nazi in North Carolina


You know that a candidate is problematic when the members of his party actively encourage people to vote for his opponent in the November election. While this might strike people as amusing, there is nothing funny about Russell Walker, the Republican candidate for the legislative seat in North Carolina House District 48. The Republican Party withdrew its support for Walker after learning about his website The article I read noted that the essays on the site include such statements as “God is racist and a white supremacist” and Jews are descended from Satan.
I decided to investigate his website rather than just depend on what was reported in the article. Some of the essays talk about the Bible and analyze the text. While they did offer a Christian slant, that was not offensive because Walker is Christian. My thoughts changed after clicking on an article called “Women are the weaker sex.” The sexism underlying the writing was not the most offensive part. The article ends by saying, “Women seem to be paralyized [sic] by the concept of racism. The jew [sic] news media has made the concept of Racism to be the worst evil in the world. Of course God made the races and he is the greatest racist ever. Further considering the the [sic] jews descending from Satan and are oposed [sic] to Yahweh-God’s will, calling evil good and good evil, is the logical consequence.”
The author notes that anyone who questions his opinion should check out an article on a different website: I clicked through the link offered and found something just as horrifying. This new article states, “From the ‘Do-I-Give-A-Flying-Flock?’ department: Here’s a few photo montages (below) of White women who became involved with blacks and paid the ultimate price for their stupidity. I can’t entirely blame them, however, since Jew media constantly brainwashes our race to breed ourselves away – so hypocritical considering how this arrogant race does everything possible under the radar, or even quite openly over in Israel, to limit this kind of thing among themselves.” Leaving aside the fact that there are Jews of every race and ethnicity, the underlying racism, antisemitism and sexism of these thoughts are appalling.
There is some question about whether voters in North Carolina knew Walker’s opinions, although at least one newspaper reported that Walker was seen carrying signs that said, “What is wrong with being a racist” and “God is racist” outside his office. Walker received 64 percent of the vote in the primary. While that was only 824 votes, what were these 824 people thinking? Perhaps they completely agree with Walker, an idea that scares the hell out of me. 
There have recently been calls for dialogue and civility in politics, but how can you even start a conversation with someone who says you’re descended from Satan? I’m not sure it’s possible to convince that person to listen to you. People with opinions like Walker were once considered political outsiders; no major political party would have allowed someone like that to run on their ticket. But the world has changed, and not for the better. The only message I have for North Carolina voters who think what Walker says is offensive and repulsive is to vote next election day. We need to show the bigots, racists and antisemites that true Americans support equal rights for everyone.