Hello, this is Sima…

By: Sima Auerbach

I know it has been a while, but sometimes that just happens. Life has been very busy, but it’s also been very exciting.
First things first, though: an update on Edy. A few weekends ago, we met at the Bronx Zoo – truly a remarkable place, especially if you are with a grandchild. Edy was curious about everything. We walked and walked – from the birds to the seals to the lions and tigers and bears (oh, my!) to the gorillas. We said “hello” to every peacock who passed us on the path and gazed for a long time at the giraffes. Edy looooved feeding the goats, so we dropped many quarters into the vending machine for the food. There was not an animal we did not see, including many I didn’t know existed. It was a beautiful day and sharing it with Edy made it oh so special. By the way, Edy will be a big sister in December. Grandchildren are truly miracles.
Which brings me to another miracle – Israel. For those of us who lived before the birth of the state of Israel, the fact that it exists is a miracle. That it is now celebrating its 70th year is beyond miraculous. When I was a child, I sold Jewish National Fund stickers for 10 cents apiece as our Talmud Torah’s fund-raising program for Israel. The prize for the student who raised the most money – drumroll please – was an autographed picture of Chaim Weitzman, the first president of Israel. Trust me, it was not a sought after prize. But as I look back as an adult, I can imagine that the originators of the challenge thought it would be. Who in the 1950s didn’t think that Israel’s existence was truly a miracle? Being its president could only be a dream.
On Sunday, June 24, join me at 5:30 pm to hear about the “Miracle of Israel.” Our speaker is the executive editor of the Jewish News Service and, of course, we are serving a delicious meal of hearty Israeli food. (For more information on the program, see the article on page 1.)