“Start-Up Nation” tech fair at BU on March 15

Binghamton University will host the Start-Up Nation Innovation Fair on Thursday, March 15, from 5-8 pm, in Old Union Hall. The event is intended to attract more than 250 students, from a variety of disciplines and fields of study, to a technology and innovation showcase and internship fair. The program, coming to 15 campuses across the U.S. this year, is made possible by Israel Ideas and Hasbara Fellowships. 
The core of the event will be an expo, in which 10-12 early stage Israeli companies will exhibit their technologies, products and services. As part of the Expo, floor space will be carved out for internship opportunities. Another component of the event will be a moderated panel discussion with the entrepreneurs.
Local partners for the program include, among others, the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Partnerships at Binghamton, the Center for Israel Studies, Hillel at Binghamton, the Fleischman Career Center, the Freshman Research Immersion Council, the Binghamton University Zionist Organization and Alpha Kappa Psi – Business fraternity.
The Innovation Fair can be a key piece of Israel advocacy on campus and the goal is to enable students to see Israel “beyond the conflict” through the lens of innovation and technology. The target audience is comprised not only of affiliated Jewish students who already lean pro-Israel, but also non-Jewish students who may be impartial toward Middle-East geopolitics. The focus is on innovation, education and job opportunities for students – an opportunity for companies to recruit paid and unpaid interns by meeting students face-to-face, collecting resumes and starting conversations that may lead to internships.
For more information, contact Haley Silverstein, program coordinator for Start-Up Nation Technology Fair, at 201-491-6934 or hsilverstein@hasbarafellowships.org.