TI-TC Adult Ed. to hold brunch on Jan. 21

The Temple Israel/Temple Concord Adult Education Group will present “The best of the Yiddish Radio Project (with a sprinkling of ‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’)” in a brunch program on Sunday, January 21, at 10 am, at Temple Israel. Steve Gilbert will be the facilitator.  
In four programs between December 2011 and December 2016, the Adult Ed. Group presented episodes of the acclaimed 2003 NPR Yiddish Radio Project. Gilbert has selected three of his favorite episodes for a second showing, accompanied by a slide show of photos of 1920s-60s New York City, roughly the era of Yiddish radio. The episodes are:
 “Victor Packer – The One Man Network”: An avant-garde poet turned programming director, Packer experimented with every genre imaginable in an attempt to fill his daily four-hour slot. The results have been called “brilliant” and “hilarious.”
“The Radio Dramas of Nahum Stutchkoff”: Stutchkoff is said to have created some of the most intense, intimate and emotional dramas ever broadcast on radio to provide listeners the opportunity to experience what life was like in the Jewish tenements of New York City. The Yiddish Radio Project profiles a “forgotten genius” of the 20th century and airs one of his classic episodes for the first time in 60 years. 
“Commercials on Yiddish Radio”: Yiddish radio stations in the 1930s and 1940s devoted a considerable portion of the broadcast day to commercials for businesses large and small. As Henry Sapoznik recounts, “These commercials provide a unique insight into the everyday life of New York’s Jewish community.”
In February 2012, the TI Adult Ed. Group presented 40 one-minute(ish) videos from the “Old Jews Telling Jokes” collection. Gilbert will sprinkle seven or eight of his favorites throughout the program.
“January 21 is likely to be a cold, gray, day,” said organizers of the event. “Why not brighten it up with a delicious brunch, a lively, entertaining and informative program, and some good friends?”
A $5 donation for the brunch will be accepted at the door. RSVP by sending an e-mail to the Temple Israel office (titammy@stny.twcbc.com), or calling 723-7461.