Special Federation membership meeting June 21

There will be a Federation special membership meeting of members in good standing (defined as members who are current on their annual contributions to the corporation) on Wednesday, June 21, at 7:30 pm, at the Jewish Community Center, 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal. The subject of this meeting is to amend the by-laws as follows:
  • Article IV, Sections 3 and 4c: Meeting Quorum for both the annual meeting, resp special membership meeting (Section 3) as well as the regular board meeting (Section 4c) – change to 15 from 21. 
  • Article VII, Section 2b.2: Number of representatives of affiliate organizations – change to 1 from 2; 
  • Article VII, 2b.3: Number of directors at large – change from “up to 24” to “up to 18”; 
  • Article VII, Section 8: Board meeting attendance – Addition to “Board members who are absent three (3) or more consecutive times from General Board meetings may be asked by letter from President to relinquish their seat.” This becomes new Section 8a. New Section 8b: “Board members are eligible to vote on allocations only if they have attended a minimum of 50 percent of all meetings occurring in that calendar year. New members installed in September of the calendar year must attend two meetings to be eligible for voting on allocations.”