Local and national shalach manot service offered through Chabad’s Women’s League

Women’s League for Chabad is currently accepting orders for its annual shalach manot service, in which Binghamton residents can send packages of food and holiday greetings to local friends and acquaintances on Purim day, which will be celebrated this year on Sunday, March 12.
“It’s Purim made easy,” said Ilene Pinsker, project chairwoman. “It’s a stress-free, very reasonably priced way to fulfill the mitzvah of mishloach manot, sending gifts of food on Purim, and a wonderful way to show your friendship and care. We do all the work for you and your friends get fabulous packages from you!”
For individuals who want to say Happy Purim to their friends outside of the community, Women’s League offers Purim greeting cards that can be sent  anywhere in the continental U.S. for a charge of $4. All orders must be received by Pinsker no later than Friday, February 24.
Those who have not received a complete information packet and order form, or are seeking additional details, can call the Chabad Center at 797-0015. For this project, Women’s League is in need of volunteers to assist in assembling the packages and in their delivery on Purim. Those able to help with the project have been asked to call Pinsker at 729-1091 or  the Chabad office.